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Narrating a Text in the Right Tone is One of the Greatest Challenges of The Profession


by Sonia De Pieri


Selecting a successful musical track and voice, those that are going to hit right away and shake the hearts of clients everywhere, is no easy task. We face radical swifts on a daily basis in order to carry on with the job. Those who do not know the behind the scenes of an audio company may think everything is uncomplicated and that the voice over actor is always at the disposal of clients to record over and over again. 

Noooo, it doesn’t work like that.  

The voice over actor studies a lot, like in every profession on a university level. Outside of Brazil, there are special schools which enhance the voice, that’s one of the reasons the voice of a native person has so much added value to it, much more than here. In Brazil, actors face a limited time at schools, but on the other hand the dedication and investment are of high importance. 

An actor who is faithful to the profession goes after perfection by seeking a speech therapist, invests in high quality equipment (sound table, audio hardware, mike, acoustics, softwares, etc), tries to learn new languages and dedicates himself/herself almost full time to the activity/profession, that is why he/she is constantly questioned, many times, for his/her high price, which is something completely mistaken. He/She needs to be qualified by their value, the sum of all this experience and investment in their careers and profession.

There are a lot of qualified and talented professionals in Brazil – as well as there are numerous companies and/or talent stock available in the country so a production company can choose whomever best fits the needs of that project in question. Sometimes it is not easy to find this right professional, whose voice and tone are ideal to the images on the screen, like in a complete audiovisual marriage. 

For the advertising film which we began our partnership with Sincronia Filmes – The Human Clock, which is now on the air –, I’ve pointed out that we needed a youthful voice, very flexible, and that could be sold, that is why the choice of Tomás Bueno, a very versatile actor and with an ideal vocal pitch for the project. We thought the result worked: the film, which will be used as an advertising piece so that both companies can sell their respective services to new clients and new businesses in general, comes in a good humored vibe, raising up important and relevant questions in the times of post-pandemic and apparently a return to normal activities – we want to show that there is no more time to waste and/or lose, that we need to invest in time in a clever, more wise way in order to fully enjoy it and make it work for us, not against us.  


Sonia De Pieri is an entrepreneur, journalist, voice over actress e founder of De Pieri Comunicação.   

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