A Media Plan and an Advertising Campaign Will Be Created

It is our pleasure to announce that Santa Granola – a startup on healthy food aimed at the segment of grains in general – has signed an agreement with Sincronia Filmes and Babaorum Publicidade, the digital agency affiliated to the production company, for the creation of campaigns towards the company social media. The idea is, as usual, to work on the concept of branded content and value proposal – elements that Babaorum has specialized itself and seeks to highlight for each brand/company that hires its services. According to Tathyane Viana, CEO and founder of Santa Granola, this change had been brewing up in the company for quite some time. “We recently created the company website”, she says, “and were in urgent need to modify the approach concerning marketing in order to boost the sales.” In a meeting with the team of Sincronia and Babaorum – that work together – they got to a conclusion that, instead of focusing, on this very first moment, on paid ads on the internet (like Google Ads), the best would be to concentrate in humanizing the brand and enhance a better communication with its audience, since the startup is still kind of stuck in a sort of institutional way of thinking when it comes to posting and digital marketing as a whole. “We understood that we needed to give a new life to Santa Granola”, says Tathyane. 

This new life will not only involve the creation of a Media Plan and advertising campaign, with short videos aimed at the value proposal of the company – meaning, a healthy life, well-being status, a balanced lifestyle –, but also the showing of the CEO’s face. “Well”, smiles Tathyane, “I’ve never thought this day would come, but, hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? I understood when the team told me I needed to appear, to communicate with my audience, put myself to test in front of a camera”, she continues. That said, Sincronia and Babaorum will make a series of one-minute videos where Tathyane will speak directly to the lenses sharing her stories, her life style, getting closer to her target audience, letting people understand what are her intentions and motivations for founding Santa Granola, and this way attribute a value and a character to her brand. And finally both the agency and the production company will help the entrepreneur to raise an entire communications structure involving social media, a YouTube channel and the company website as a whole.  

The campaign for Santa Granola will go on the air in the beginning of 2022. Stay tuned.