Get Ready to See Everything Change. Again.   by Bruna Brandão You have certainly heard about the Metaverse and even if you didn’t quite grasp it entirely you maybe have smelled a rat. After all, is that simply a fashion that will end pretty soon? A hype? A future tendency? A great marketing strategy? Latest […]


Or How Producers Are Seeking Alternatives to Financing Their Work   by Aloisio Raulino It’s not today’s news that movies, or any audiovisual product, made with low costs exist. They’ve always been there. Be it by the initiative of a tenacious producer, a courageous director able to raise a project from scratch, or an actor […]


The Executive Producer Talks About the Audiovisual Market and Future Perspectives   by Marcela Liz Having just come from Rio 2C – the old Rio Content Market, the multimedia event in Rio de janeiro for the meeting among producers, content creators, and players in general –, Brazilian producer and executive producer Junior Perini, a seasoned professional with […]


Sincronia Will Create Its Own Stock Footage Archive   In the beginning of the year Sincronia has decided to put into practice a long-gestating plan: the shooting of images in order to form a stock footage file which is utilized by a lot of professionals around the globe and which also form a truly digital networking […]


The New Options to Consume Films   Sometimes we hear the sentence, “cinema is changing” or “a lot of changes have been happening in the movies”. What is actually going on, many years from now, is that cinema  – and that includes the entire production chain, from the initial idea when one thinks of a […]


Production Company Has Part of Its Catalogue On The On Demand Service   It is our pleasure to announce that the partnership between Sincronia Filmes and Box Brazil TV – independent content channel based in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and dedicated to screening exclusively Brazilian productions and which has already screened the music […]

Rerelease at Livraria Cultura

It took place, this last November 30th, 2019, at Livraria Cultura, in São Paulo, Brazil, the rerelease of the special edition DVD of the film Happy Old Year. Restored in 2K by O2 Filmes, during more than a year, the remarkable work by Brazilian director Roberto Gervitz – loosely based on the Marcelo Rubens Paiva book […]

José Luiz Sasso and the Sound of “Happy Old Year”

As part of the marketing material for our DVD of Happy Old Year, the film that was restored in 2K, it is with great pleasure that we present a special testimony of veteran José Luiz Sasso, responsible for the mixing and sound design of hundreds of Brazilian films (two, btw, for Sincronia), including and mainly […]

Roberto Gervitz: The Restoration of “Happy Old Year”

With a thirty-year plus career, writer and director Roberto Gervitz – born in New York City in 1957 – has alternated himself between the documentaries shot in the 1970s, which would show the political and working classes of Brazil at the time, and fiction films that would finally give him recognition by the end of the 1980s, […]

The Aesthetics of Subjectivity

By José Geraldo Couto The book Happy Old Year, by Marcelo Rubens Paiva, originally published in 1982 and an immediate best-seller, already used fictional narrative techniques to tell the very personal story of its author, having as its dramatic core the accident which left him quadriplegic at 20 years of age. So much so that […]