Meet Baby Care


As part of the first campaign elaborated for the child and motherly health care startup Baby Care – from Brazilian entrepreneur Carolina Tufolo –, the institutional film created by Sincronia’s internal advertising agency, Babaorum Publicidade, tries to summarize the philosophy and modus operandi of this company founded by Tufolo in 2012, and which has been doing such a distinctive job and, for many mothers, such an important and meaningful one: the placement of the first earrings on newborn female babies. “The biggest difference”, explains producer Janaina Zambotti, who coordinated the entire process together with the creative team at Babaorum plus director Alê Rodrigues (who shot this institutional film) “is the way Carol does her job – far distant from the sort of sometimes operational and a bit cold that other companies and/or professionals of this area do. She is too much careful before, during and afterwards, making the process such a pleasant and healthy experience, both for the mother and the baby.”   

Those were the characteristics that Babaorum has picked in order to elaborate the campaign which, aside from this film and the Christmas one broadcasted December last year, will be aired in the first semester of 2021 bringing three more branded content advertising films highlighting Baby Care’s value proposal that, the agency believes, is extremely strong. “Baby Care works in a more humanized way, putting people at the forefront”, explains Tufolo, who recorded her testimony and work at Baby Care’s headquarters.     

In the institutional film directed by Alê (a free lancer director for Sincronia and a partner of the production company for quite some time now) we will get to know a bit more of this diferentiated work done by Baby Care.

Watch the result below: