Design for Sincronia

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Everybody knows that design is something serious – especially brands which are concerned about offering products and/or services that are different, which emphasize their quality, aesthetics, beauty and above all minimalism. That’s one of the reasons we’ve decided to partner with Estúdio Nômada, a company born out of the entrepreneur spirit of Brazilian designer Jackson Goestmeier, aka Jake Meier, as he is usually known. Created in September 2016, the studio is aimed at developing brand identity, packages and communication material for companies which have a desire to emphasize design excellency, with a competitive flair and adding value to the various cores of their business.  “We’re very happy with the partnership”, states Sincronia producer Janaina Zambotti. The company, by the way, has discovered Estúdio Nômada via the internet, with a Google ad. “We know how important design is to a brand, and we also know how important it is to capture the very essence of your work. All this has been offered to us by Estúdio Nômada”, continues Janaina. Meier and his team have started with Sincronia by designing and creating the official layout and art for the covers of the DVD and Blu-ray editions Sincronia is planning to release from 2019 on. The inspiration for it has come from many sources – from references in film posters to home video art house labels such as The Criterion Collection, the British Eureka Entertainment and the French Carlotta Video. “But this isn’t all”, says Janaina. “Nômada will handle from now on all our editorial and graphic department, and the next steps involve the concept for, for example, envelopes, brochures, and documents in general”, she says. “All that with an inspiration on minimalism that both Jake and Emanuel (Mendes, Sincronia owner) like so much.”

It’s also curious to analyze the name of the studio, and especially what it all means. According to Jake, “Nômada is a derivative of nomad, that is, the person who does not a fixed residence, he or she is a constant wanderer.” This explains, in part, the fact that the studio does have a logo which is, let’s say, fixed. Jake explains: “the overall proposal is that the logo is simple, easy to understand, with no embellishments, so it can communicate with everybody, without the need of niches. As for the illustration itself, in theory, from time to time, we will design different illustrations of everyday life in nomad societies from all over the world, so we can use them as a visual signature of the studio.” The highlight of such a work which proposes itself to be different is connected to audience perception about the materials that are used and the strategy efficiency, making them exclusive to the various niches in the market. The autonomous structure of Estúdio Nômada allows the work flow with its creator’s creativity, making communication different and flexible, and permitting the innovation in many discoveries along the way.

This nomad characteristic extends itself to the many products the studio aims to develop for Sincronia – each design suiting the needs of each piece, be them envelopes, posters, folders or graphic art for DVD and Blu-ray. “The idea is that each and every element must have a design for itself, but all of them must have a concept which is alligned with Sincronia proposal, forming a unity”, says Janaina. For that, both Jake and Emanuel have already decided the color palette forming the perception people will have of Sincronia. “Just like other brands have defined theirs, the intense red for Coca-Cola, for instance, or the blue and white for Facebook, or the graffiti for Apple”, continues Janaina, “the boys have also reached this definition level which will form the essence of the brand and all products Sincronia.” 

“We want a reason to exist for, when everybody hears the words Sincronia Filmes, they will immediately think about quality, regardless of what they are seeing – a film for the cinema that we produce, an advertising work, a corporate video for a company, a DVD that we launch in the market, or simply a correspondence they receive from the mail. We want all this work that we have been developing with so much care, patience and love contains a personality of its own, a strong personality attached to our brand”, says director Emanuel Mendes. “And this is something that Estúdio Nômada have been providing to us, because they think the same way.” As would say a certain dialogue line from a certain film, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 

Designer Jake Meier works on the Sincronia Filmes printed portfolio.
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