In the Movie Theater


It is our pleasure to announce the partnership with Itaú Cinemas – the movie theater complex located on Augusta street, downtown São Paulo. It will be there, in this well-known movie theater, responsible for the screening of art house and alternative productions, that Sincronia Filmes will open its first ever motion picture, the docudrama The Social Technology, a co-production among Brazil, The USA, and South Africa, and shot in the latter. An independent work that has gone through a long way – rigorously, since 2016 – until reaching the screens, and which Sincronia Filmes expects to touch and sensitize the public in general, especially youngsters and adolescents, a target audience of the picture. The partnership has been established between the production company and Humberto Neiva, the responsible for the theater program. “It has been a long process of negotiation and waiting, since April this year”, states producer Janaina Zambotti. “We knew we wanted to open in the second semester of 2018, but the dates would not add up. Then, in the conversation with Humberto, we decided it would be better to premiere in November, after the São Paulo International Film Festival.” 

Initially, The Social Technology – a film that talks about many contemporary subjects, like gender violence, technology applied to the lives of youngsters, prejudices and modern relationships – will hit two main cities: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. “Those are places that Itaú Cinemas wants to open first”, continues Janaina. “And in case the film goes well at the box office, we will expand to other capitals in the nation.” For that, the work with the press release team, done by the company KR2, will be essential – both for the film and Sincronia Filmes itself. “We’re very happy and excited with this start in the work. Now we hope to have a higher visibility in the press and all the related media”, completes Janaina.

The opening of The Social Technology will be November 08th 2018.