The Brand Media Plan for Baby Care

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In October 2020, the Brazilian nurse and small entrepreneur Carolina Tufolo decided to invest heavily in the side project she founded some years ago. Officially, since 2012, when Baby Care – a startup company from the infant and health care area, and which has specialized itself in the placement of the first earrings on newborn female babies, besides giving full advisement for mothers in general – first appeared in the market, its creator has always had in mind as main objective the offering of the best services for the clients concerning a moment, in the life of the baby as much as the mother’s, which is truly special. “After all”, explains producer Janaina Zambotti – who coordinated the entire process – “the placement of the first earrings is very significative, it’s like a ritual, in the good sense, like a first challenge, in order to begin the child’s life”, she says. And determined to make the company take flight right in the beginning of 2021, Tufolo sought the services of Sincronia Filmes so that the production company, alongside with Babaorum Publicidade, the advertising agency affiliated to Sincronia, could assemble together a brand media plan especially designed for Baby Care. “The essential thing”, says Janaina, “was to show Carol how very, very important her value proposal in fact is.” The value proposal of a company, no matter what segment it works on, is each time more relevant in today’s modern business environment: it consists in the group of concerns and characteristics directly associated to the working field of the company, and which makes the company not only to stand out in the market but mainly what makes it gain clients, partners, and admirers in synch with the proposal. In the case of Baby Care the three most important pillars highlighted in the brand media plan assembled by Babaorum are trust, protection and care. Upon those the agency created the campaign which will be broadcasted in the first semester of 2021 – with three advertising films, made by Sincronia, to be launched from February next year, besides the institutional film and the Christmas film to be aired now in December.        

“We’ve thought about the campaign with much attention and care”, continues Janaina, who worked together with the creative team at Babaorum plus director Alê Rodrigues (free lancer for Sincronia, who helmed the institutional) “taking the important work Carol does really for granted.” Beyond the placement of the earrings – “always in a very tranquil manner and respecting both the baby’s and the mother’s timing”, says Carolina – Baby Care also offers Ofurô Baths, Shantala Massage, personal advisement for mothers and breastfeeding, besides other services aiming at differentiated care and attention. “They are humanized services”, stresses Carol, “far ahead of the ones usually offered by other companies and/or professionals, which most of the times do not worry about people in the first place. I think my experience as a nurse has contributed immensely for the creation of Baby Care and in the formation of this value proposal that we discussed for this media plan”, completes the entrepreneur. A media plan, by the way, that will also involve a series of other works and reworks , including and mainly the recreation of the company logo and eventually the hiring of a press release company – to be implemented in a medium and long terms. “We are doing everything step by step, even for budgetary reasons indeed”, says Janaina. 

And as every startup it is more than evident that Carolina Tufolo sees Baby Care expanding and growing in a not so distant future – “but always with this emerging company kind of philosophy, with differentiated concerns, characteristics and modus operandi. These particularities can not die out, never, no matter how big your company becomes”, she stresses firmly. “After all from the moment a company forgets its moral principles from which it was formed, and starts to focus only in profits, it forgets the people, who are the ones who make and support a business”, ends the entrepreneur.

The brand media plan for Baby Care starts to be implemented within a few days. 



Shooting the institutional took place at the headquarters of Baby Care.
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