Partnering with KR2


It is our pleasure to announce the partnership between Sincronia Filmes and KR2 Comunicação – the Press Release and Public Relations agency helmed by the couple Jéssi Kovatch, a journalist and press expert, and Jonathan Kovatch, responsible for the planning, strategy and the company’s new businesses operations. The partnership was materialised, at first, specifically for the release of Sincronia’s first ever motion picture, the documentary The Social Technology, shot in South Africa, a co-production among Brazil, the USA, and South Africa – and which will open in movie theaters across the nation now in the second semester of 2018. However, during the first meetings with the team, it became clear that the deal could go further: besides marketing the film, the agency will also work on the marketing of the Sincronia brand, the company’s philosophy, and mostly, on the works done so far. “We’re very happy”, says producer Janaina Zambotti, who met Jéssi and Jonathan together with Sincronia owner, director Emanuel Mendes, in one sunny winter afternoon last June. “We certainly needed that push – and it was very good that it happened via KR2, a company that, since the very beginning of our contact, has efficiently attended to us and was very helpful in answering our doubts and questions”, says Zambotti.

With an approach that includes some of this business’s main pillars – the relation between a company and the communication channels –, like relationship, branded content (something, according to Janaina, “very important to us, our value proposal”), knowledge, and vision, KR2 does, according to their own words, a business plan to the service of the best idea, capable of developing a communication not based entirely on an isolated piece, but in the sum of the pieces throughout an authentic and consistent path along the time. Reaching planned results in order to build a solid and strong brand image of our clients to the press and digital influencers, besides garanteeing rout alignment according to the needs in short, medium and long terms and exposition orientation towards business generation.

That means, beyond film and the product Sincronia is divulging – the motion picture –, it’s an extensive work to be done ahead and it will involve other media such as magazines and/or periodicals aimed at advertising, like Meio&Mensagem, blogs and digital influencers, press kits telling a little about the company’s philosophy (the production company likes a lot the digital universe, working mainly towards this segment, like advertising campaigns for the net focused on storytelling and branded content, for startups in general, besides having an offbeat attitude) –, besides editing a Sincronia reel showing all the works, from 2011 until now, in 2018.

“Actually”, continues Janaina, “Sincronia Filmes has been operated since its inception on the basis of a startup company, with an offbeat attitude, a fun work environment, which stimulates team development and team spirit, and encourages creativity.” Some of Sincronia’ s casual approaches, such as the use of “flat” organizational structures, in which regular collaborators – often free lance professionals who work more than once for the company – can talk with Mendes and Zambotti informally, are done to promote efficiency in the workplace, which is needed to get their business off the ground (the company aims to excellency in all five areas it has proposed to work, cinema, advertising, television, internet and multimedia, always trying to innovate them all, one of the reasons its logo was designed either to remind a stylized “S” as well as a number five, representing its five areas of work). One of Mendes and Zambotti’s concerns in relation to their modus operandi is always put people in the first place, something not very common among production companies. One example came from the corporate film the company shot for an odontologic enterprise, Labordental, where a child – an actress – acted in the fictional sequences. The crew designed a shooting schedule to prioritize the girl’s hours and overall filming scheme. In the end, the child’s mother, also an actress, thanked the crew enormously and said that what they did was very rare among production companies as a whole. According to Zambotti, this is one of Sincronia’s value proposals. “And it is something we want people to know about us, that we are aligned with this modus operandi and this movement which has taken companies and institutions around the world”, completes the producer.

With the partnership, which can be extended to the time it’s necessary – “in reality, we want it to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship for many years to come”, smiles Janaina –, KR2 will help Sincronia Filmes, a young company, at 6 years of age and with a lot of gas to burn, to become the reference in the market that their creators have always dreamed it would become one day.

Montage on the Press Release to be used by KR2.