Meet the Director of Advertising Films from Belarus

Surfing between the photography created for advertising and stock footage provided for various works, the Russian Pavel Danilyuk – a director who makes his work available for agencies and production companies worldwide – is a natural from Belarus, a small country from Eastern Europe ingrown among Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland. Young, he defines himself as a true lover for what he does – despite realizing that almost nobody knows or even heard about his native land. His are the images utilized for the films in the Baby Care advertising campaign, such as the first one released now in the end of April, Trust, one of the pillars elaborated by the digital advertising agency Babaorum Publicidade, affiliated to Sincronia Filmes, and which form the triad created for the brand renovation of the child health care startup created and helmed by Brazilian nurse and entrepreneur Carolina Tufolo. 

“His work is very sensitive”, says producer Janaina Zambotti, who, alongside the creative team at Babaorum, supervised the entire conception of the campaign – which aims at giving a new meaning and concept to Baby Care and make the company stand out among its many competitors and similar services most of the times a little mechanical and too much corporative. “As we use stock images a lot – especially in pandemic times –, it was a true blessing finding the work of Pavel, who is also a very creative and talented photographer”, completes Janaina.

Pavel is, like many professionals in the business, a free lancer whose interests go beyond the audiovisual media: he is also very keen on cars, mainly the vintage types, travels, and still continues his studies at the University while looking to meet new people from around the world. “My English is bad”, he says, smiling, “but I try to communicate and establish contact with people from all over the place, and not only to talk about photography or moving images, but about everything, about life”, ends the talented young artist.  


Most of Pavel’s work comes from the advertising photography.