Julianna Barwick


The unique sound of Julianna Barwick – an American born in Louisiana – first formed itself at the church choir when she was still very young, and participating in it was the great influence for her decision to dedicate entirely to music. Using a combination of sounds which does not include vocals, but sound overlaying, Barwick utilizes a machine to make a series of loopings over her voice, creating an effect that is both hypnotic and which opens one senses. Julianna released her first EP, Sanguine, in 2006, independently. On her next work, the also EP Florine, she creates a minimalist sound universe thanks to the various looping stations and pedals followed by synthesizers. When recording her first album ever, The Magic Place, the singer used a theater stage mostly because the place had a perfect acoustic, which also prevented outdoor sounds to come in, and by the fact that it had a piano, an important piece in the conception of the project. The album title, by the way, refers to a tree in her family farm where it was possible to crawl into and explore its many branches. And here’s one of the many characteristics of her work, besides its beauty: it’s an organic music, alive, which breathes and pulsates like a living being. 

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