About Us

Created in August 2011, Sincronia Filmes is aimed at the production and distribution of films for the cinema, storytelling advertising for branded content, TVOD series, and audiovisual content for the internet and multimedia in general.

Since the beginning, we are committed to creating frame after frame with the best quality, the best cost-benefit and the fastest way possible in delivery.

No matter what the project is. We are ready to attend your demand – a film for the cinema, an advertising commercial, an institutional video, or a creative and impactful content for your company or brand.

We also have an internal digital marketing and advertising agency, Babaorum Publicidade, working alongside all the projects in the company. 

Emanuel Mendes


A director, producer and writer, Emanuel Mendes was born in countryside Minas Gerais and has been living in São Paulo since 1999. After graduating in Social Communication in Ribeirão Preto, he studies Film at the Hollywood Film Institute, in Los Angeles. He has worked as a Production Assistant in shorts, medium-length and feature films at Felistoque Filmes, besides passages by Casablanca Finish and Twentieth-Century Fox. He has directed the shorts Assis & Aletéia, Amarar and It’s Almost True. Founded Sincronia Filmes in August 2011, and through the company he has been producing audiovisual projects for the cinema, advertising, and other screens and formats. His style mixes up elements from the fantastic and the extraordinary inserted into the everyday lives of characters apparently ordinary.  

Janaina Zambotti


Born in São Paulo, capital, Janaina Zambotti describes herself as “an enthusiast of photography, music and arts in general.” Graduated in Marketing and Advertising from Universidade Paulista, she has been working for many years as a producer and coordinator of events of various types. For Sincronia, Janaina has been producing and executive producing several projects in the house – from advertising films to corporate videos, from institutional works, music videos up to feature films for the cinema.