It is our pleasure to announce the remastering of our institutional film The Social Marathon – a sort film shot by Sincronia in 2016 to cover the events of the ABEME Hackathon, which was the marathon on the creation of apps for the sex education and better information towards youngsters and adolescents. The work was done in conjunction with several entities, from the São Paulo State Government to companies from the Erotic and Health Care segments, and now receives an upgrade to go as extra material on the DVD Special Edition of our documentary The Social Technology, Sincronia’s first feature film.

Supervisied by the editor and finisher Alberto Ismael – aka Betão -, the short film, which lasts 11 minutes and was screened for the participants as well as in the event’s social networks, has received an almost restoration process. “The crew used many different sources in order to film it”, says Ismael, “and now we’re working on image texture, contrast, and colors to give it a more balanced look. Besides, we’ve added 35mm film grains, provided by Holy Grain (a digital pack which enables the images to have a more filmic, organic look, as if it were shot on film), and the result is very beautiful”, says Betão. “The grain, btw, were a special demand of Emanuel (Mendes, owner of Sincronia Filmes, and the director of the institutional film) – who wanted to give it a film look really”, completes the editor.

The institutional must be ready in the beginning of 2018 so it will go afterwards for the authoring process. The Social Technology opens nationwide in the second semester, and the DVD will be released a few months after the theatrical run.