Sincronia on Instagram

Sincronia Filmes is on Instagram – the photo app for cell phones – in a mix of memory archive with some fresh news. “In general”, says producer Janaina Zambotti – she herself a great fan of the app for many years – “Instagram accounts of companies are almost all about fresh news, things that are “happening right here, right now”. But we’ve decided to unite the two ideas, for strategic reasons, for audience engaging with media.”

So the company has been posting photos that are a part of their archive (“things from the very start of Sincronia, all the way back to 2011”, says Janaina) and others connected to what is going on right here, right now. “The important thing”, continues Janaina, “is to create content that is, of course, attractive, but also crucial is the use of hashtags – it is through their use that you talk to your target audience and start focusing in the areas which you work and/or are interested in”, completes Janaina.

Check out below the first video we posted: