Partnership with the Cwist Group

In an agreement signed in the last days (last november 2015), Sincronia Filmes partners with the Cwist Group – the seniour entrepreneur group created by former businessman Wilson Nigri to provide mentorship and advising to small businesses and medium-sized companies. “It was a long dating”, jokes Debby Forman, Nigri’s wife, and one of the heads […]

Cwist Business Development

Third video of the corporative series we did for Cwist – the group led by businessman Wilson Nigri and which unites many seniour entrepreneurs who try to help small businesses –, Cwist BD (from Business Development) comes as a new watershed in the project. Led by Debby Forman and Irani Ugareli – the first one […]

Interview with Emanuel Mendes

After Finishing The Incubation Which Has Given A New Look To The BeeYou Project, The Director and Chairman of Sincronia Filmes Explains The Next Steps (For Him and His Companies) By Marcela Liz After nine months of incubation at Escola de Negócios of Centro Paula Souza – connected to Sebrae –, the startup project beeyou […]

Interview with Douglas Santana

The BeeYou Innovation Director Explains The Process of Creating The Platform – And The Next Steps to Start It   By Marcela Liz Begining a startup project in Brazil is no easy task. Actually in any other place in the world: the level of demanding, burocracy, paper work, contacts, networking and business prototyping discourages even […]

New Views

As a strategic part for the launching of the new Cwist website – the group of senior entrepreneurs headed by businessman Wilson Nigri – and as of the end of the nine-month period incubation process of beeyou, it is a great pleasure to announce the launching of this institutional video telling a little about the […]

Making Of “beeyou” Video

Check out some photos from the making of the beeyou video – the institutional we did to divulge who are the creators of this platform aimed at the showing of professional talents and skills via audio and video. Directed by Henrique Oliveira (himself a still photographer), and with photos by Janaina Zambotti, there were a […]

Ideas: Have You Got Yours Today?

It might be an incredible experience to build up your own business. “Adrenaline levels soars up to 100% and it seems you’re not only your own person but you can conquer the world, too. A friend of mine summoned it up the other day: it’s like being in love”, says Pedro Waengertner, from Aceleratech (a […]

Meet the Cwisters

“I have a 25-year career path – and at least 20 more active years ahead. What happens to my knowledge at the end of my career? Will vanish?” So says Debby Forman in one of the interviews for the corporate video we did for Cwist – a group formed two years ago by Debby’s husband, […]

Yes! We Are Entrepreneurs!

Distinguishing yourself amid a crowd of hundreds of people, at the center of thousands of projects, products and different services, trying to be ahead of your competitors – which are many and in all areas of the human knowledge – is no easy task, don’t you think? But this is what we’ve committed to do […]

Welcome, 2015!

And so we’ve finally come to 2015 in this first post ever of the new year (we hope the first of many!). The company reaches its fourth year – which will be celebrated next August – with a relatively short CV if compared to the bigger film and TV companies, but still with a lot […]