Mirrah Iañez: Sensitivity and Energy

If energy and sensitivity had a name it certainly would be Mirrah Iañez. Even though those two qualities seem not to have anything in common it was like this, showing off these two capabilities in a very sharp way, that Mirrah Iañez has started a fecund career as a filmmaker – producing, writing and directing(…) Leia mais

“Living Statues” Premieres in São Paulo

The Mirrah Iañez film premiered in São Paulo at the 24th São Paulo International Short Film Festival. The event is promoted by Kinoforum and is one of the most traditional in the city’s cultural calendar. Below you can check out the pictures of the opening night and the special screening of Living Statues.  

Maybe It’s Bumba Bumba

Hey ho, let’s go give some hand to the good folks at Ovo Frito Filmes – the HQ of young director Mirrah Iañez and her gang from Anhembi Morumbi University. They’ve got a new project coming along (post-Living Statues, all ready for the première) called Bumba Bumba, a 10-minute short film which will be their(…) Leia mais

Do You Know Transmedia?

Far from being an apparently new concept or, at least, a fad, the term Transmedia (which usually comes with words such as storytelling and/or multiplatforms) dates back from the 1970s, when some artists of the so-called Telematic Art (a concept which uses a computer and its interaction with man and what he can produce in(…) Leia mais

Transforming All Over Again

Recently released in the US, the image stabilizer Movi (produced and manufactured by Freely Systems, no pun intended), promises to change the cinema, and by extension moving images capturing, forever. And again. It’s a transformation as big and important as the one promoted by the Steadicam, whose invention, by British cameraman Garret Brown, in the(…) Leia mais

The C Side of Film Production

Lado C magazine, published by the good people of Santa Catarina, gets to its third edition and it has been established itself as one of the few editorials in Brazil dedicated to film critic, debate and reflexion on Brazilian Cinema and audiovisual production as a whole. Published by the Santa Catarina Cinemateque and the Florianópolis(…) Leia mais

Rio Content Market

Sincronia has embarked to Rio de Janeiro for its first ever experience at Rio Content Market, now during February 2013. Below, some pictures of our gang:

On The Waves of Rio

There have been some years that Rio de Janeiro has been considered, if not the official capital, at least as one of the nations’ main poles for the cinema – aimed as much for the art of it as for the business side, and not only the cinema field, but audiovisual as a whole, embodying(…) Leia mais

Mauricio Esposito and the Sound for “It’s Almost True”

In this thirs and last part of interviews we did with our soundman, Mauricio Esposito talks about how he intends to work with It’s Almost True. Even though the film is a documentary (we wonder), Esposito says he does not want to use the genre’s conventions, and prefers to dedicate himself to other elements.