The Sincronia Filmes Reel

It’s been seven years of activities – celebrated now in the end of August 2018, the date when the contract was officially signed – and to remember the occasion nothing better than assembling some of the best and most relevant works made by Sincronia Filmes during this period. “We took advantage on the release of(…) Leia mais

Welcome, 2015!

And so we’ve finally come to 2015 in this first post ever of the new year (we hope the first of many!). The company reaches its fourth year – which will be celebrated next August – with a relatively short CV if compared to the bigger film and TV companies, but still with a lot(…) Leia mais

The Truth is Out There!

It’s Almost True, a 27 minute short film and the third work in the career of director Emanuel Mendes, a “mineiro” who established himself in São Paulo, is a film full of almosts and a lot of first times. It almost didn’t really happen; almost didn’t make it as it is – at first it(…) Leia mais

Maybe It’s Bumba Bumba

Hey ho, let’s go give some hand to the good folks at Ovo Frito Filmes – the HQ of young director Mirrah Iañez and her gang from Anhembi Morumbi University. They’ve got a new project coming along (post-Living Statues, all ready for the première) called Bumba Bumba, a 10-minute short film which will be their(…) Leia mais

A Tale of the Wizard!

Historically, The Man Who…, directed by Yuri Tarone, is our first production right after opening the company per se. At first, Tarone’s intention, and that of co-producers Francisco Costabile and Emanuel Mendes, was to shoot a real documentary centered on madness – doing research on psychiatric hospitals and mental health institutions. But the narrative was(…) Leia mais

“It’s Almost True” Ends The Editing Process

It’s Almost True, the first solo production by Sincronia – after two co-productions, The Man Who… and Living Statues, and the third work in the short film format by director Emanuel Mendes, has finished its editing process. With almost thirty minutes of duration, when the average length goes for 15 minutes maximum, Mendes and editor(…) Leia mais


We are happy to announce, now in the beginning of 2013, that our scenario for television movie, anually released by the Culture Department in the city of São Paulo, in partnership with TV Cultura, has been considered for development. An idea by Erika Barbin – the actress who has done with us the webseries The(…) Leia mais

Rio Content Market

Sincronia has embarked to Rio de Janeiro for its first ever experience at Rio Content Market, now during February 2013. Below, some pictures of our gang:

“Living Statues” in the Homestrech

The Mirrah Iañez film, Living Statues, our second co-production (right after The Man Who…) has finished shooting and now is in the editing room. This is the third film of young Mirrah, who is about to graduate from Film at the Anhembi Morumbi University, in São Paulo. Mirrah had already made two exercise-like films for(…) Leia mais