The Truth is Out There!

It’s Almost True, a 27 minute short film and the third work in the career of director Emanuel Mendes, a “mineiro” who established himself in São Paulo, is a film full of almosts and a lot of first times. It almost didn’t really happen; almost didn’t make it as it is – at first it […]

A Tale of the Wizard!

Historically, The Man Who…, directed by Yuri Tarone, is our first production right after opening the company per se. At first, Tarone’s intention, and that of co-producers Francisco Costabile and Emanuel Mendes, was to shoot a real documentary centered on madness – doing research on psychiatric hospitals and mental health institutions. But the narrative was […]

Alternative Premiere of “The Man Who…” (By Jackie Dolstoy and Sol Faganello)

By the end of 2012 there was an alternative premiere in São Paulo of The Man Who… (2011), the Yuri Tarone-directed short film coproduced by Sincronia Filmes in partnership with Fábrica de Filmes. The film had been circulating among midnight sessions and special screening for quite some time since it was completed by the end […]

They Cry For You!

Have you imagined a situation where, at realizing a very serious problem before you, or when someone tells you about an imminent catastrophe or any accident of enormous proportions and grave consequences, you inadvertently start crying in front of that person? Or yet, before a circunstance or situation you consider outrageous, humiliating, that somehow hurts […]