The Dynamic Duo of Movies and Comics

If the first official – and successful – adaptation of a comic book made into film, Superman (1978), had no idea of the enormous possibilities the two medias had to talk to each other is mostly because Hollywood didn’t take this conversation for granted. After all, it took one more entire decade for another comic(…) Leia mais

Pedro Ivo: An Unusual Citizen

The expression “a person of many talents” has never been more appropriate than in the case of Pedro Ivo – an actor, writer, drawer, blogger, sometimes scriptwriter and even workshop lecturer. Born in Jundiaí, São Paulo countryside, Pedro considers São Paulo, the city he has embraced since 2000, his Gotham City, and the main set(…) Leia mais

Mauricio Franco: Painting with Light

The first time we ever worked with Mauricio Franco was in the short film Assis & Aletéia, where the future cinematographer was an assistant for João Landi Guimarães. We liked his work so much that director Emanuel Mendes didn’t hesitate to call him back for his next film, Amarar, where the duo used a lot(…) Leia mais

How to Film Crying

“You get very impressed at the concentration level of the actors – because, in my opinion, it’s one thing to cry in order to sensitize your audience, but it’s something else completely different, and even harder, to cry in order to make them laugh”, says producer and production manager A. Nakamura, during the shooting of(…) Leia mais

They Cry For You!

Have you imagined a situation where, at realizing a very serious problem before you, or when someone tells you about an imminent catastrophe or any accident of enormous proportions and grave consequences, you inadvertently start crying in front of that person? Or yet, before a circunstance or situation you consider outrageous, humiliating, that somehow hurts(…) Leia mais

Stan Brackhage: The Light of Human Being

Colors, shapes, textures, and layouts: the visual work of a film director like Stan Brackhage – who, together with Maya Deren, “created” the avant garde cinema in the USA – is what has been stimulating us lately. Brackhage, who was born in Missouri in 1933, reached the full potential of visual arts by incorporating a(…) Leia mais

We Love CoProductions!

It’s not new to anybody that film is a collaborative medium. But we like so much what we do that we almost take it literally: since Sincronia Filmes had been founded, in August 2011, we did two co-productions with other film companies to take our first short film works to the screen, and which very(…) Leia mais