“It’s Almost True” Ends The Editing Process

It’s Almost True, the first solo production by Sincronia – after two co-productions, The Man Who… and Living Statues, and the third work in the short film format by director Emanuel Mendes, has finished its editing process. With almost thirty minutes of duration, when the average length goes for 15 minutes maximum, Mendes and editor(…) Leia mais


We are happy to announce, now in the beginning of 2013, that our scenario for television movie, anually released by the Culture Department in the city of São Paulo, in partnership with TV Cultura, has been considered for development. An idea by Erika Barbin – the actress who has done with us the webseries The(…) Leia mais

Rio Content Market

Sincronia has embarked to Rio de Janeiro for its first ever experience at Rio Content Market, now during February 2013. Below, some pictures of our gang:

On The Waves of Rio

There have been some years that Rio de Janeiro has been considered, if not the official capital, at least as one of the nations’ main poles for the cinema – aimed as much for the art of it as for the business side, and not only the cinema field, but audiovisual as a whole, embodying(…) Leia mais

“Living Statues” in the Homestrech

The Mirrah Iañez film, Living Statues, our second co-production (right after The Man Who…) has finished shooting and now is in the editing room. This is the third film of young Mirrah, who is about to graduate from Film at the Anhembi Morumbi University, in São Paulo. Mirrah had already made two exercise-like films for(…) Leia mais

Mauricio Esposito and the Sound for “It’s Almost True”

In this thirs and last part of interviews we did with our soundman, Mauricio Esposito talks about how he intends to work with It’s Almost True. Even though the film is a documentary (we wonder), Esposito says he does not want to use the genre’s conventions, and prefers to dedicate himself to other elements.