Do You Know Transmedia?

Far from being an apparently new concept or, at least, a fad, the term Transmedia (which usually comes with words such as storytelling and/or multiplatforms) dates back from the 1970s, when some artists of the so-called Telematic Art (a concept which uses a computer and its interaction with man and what he can produce in(…) Leia mais

Producing Images

Directors and compadres Guilherme de Almeida Prado and Emanuel Mendes have been friends for many years. In the beginning of 2013 now, Guilherme has invited Mendes to help him produce a series of photographs for a project the director of such titles as The Lady from the Shanghai Cinema, The Magic Hour and Whatever Happened(…) Leia mais

Transforming All Over Again

Recently released in the US, the image stabilizer Movi (produced and manufactured by Freely Systems, no pun intended), promises to change the cinema, and by extension moving images capturing, forever. And again. It’s a transformation as big and important as the one promoted by the Steadicam, whose invention, by British cameraman Garret Brown, in the(…) Leia mais

The C Side of Film Production

Lado C magazine, published by the good people of Santa Catarina, gets to its third edition and it has been established itself as one of the few editorials in Brazil dedicated to film critic, debate and reflexion on Brazilian Cinema and audiovisual production as a whole. Published by the Santa Catarina Cinemateque and the Florianópolis(…) Leia mais

Music, Maestro!

Documentary films, in general, do not need music, or do not have music at all, that incidental piece of score usually following the character or highlighting an important moment or a funny scene. But It’s Almost True will not be a documentary, right? Or it will? Anyway, we’re happy to welcome another member of the(…) Leia mais

Between Cups of Coffee

“Check out how things can turn to. About a year ago, when our film It’s Almost True hadn’t even been shot, we hadn’t the slightest idea about how it would end up turning into”, says executive producer A. Nakamura. “Emanuel’s intention was to make it the cheapest way possible, in a production schematic like our(…) Leia mais

A Tale of the Wizard!

Historically, The Man Who…, directed by Yuri Tarone, is our first production right after opening the company per se. At first, Tarone’s intention, and that of co-producers Francisco Costabile and Emanuel Mendes, was to shoot a real documentary centered on madness – doing research on psychiatric hospitals and mental health institutions. But the narrative was(…) Leia mais

“It’s Almost True” Ends The Editing Process

It’s Almost True, the first solo production by Sincronia – after two co-productions, The Man Who… and Living Statues, and the third work in the short film format by director Emanuel Mendes, has finished its editing process. With almost thirty minutes of duration, when the average length goes for 15 minutes maximum, Mendes and editor(…) Leia mais