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Value Proposal is Essential for an Efficient Campaign


Imagine the following situation: a beautiful young actress from television suddenly invades your screen saying how wonderful that product she is advertising is. How much she uses it in her home, and how much that product has transformed her life and her family’s. Next she gives hints on how to use it and where to buy it, since she is very satisfied with it and can’t wait to recommend it to her fans and consumers.      

“Nothing is more fake and commissioned”, says Milena Sardoz, one of the coordinators, at Babaorum Publicidade, agency affiliated to Sincronia Filmes, of the campaign created for the Brazilian child health care startup Baby Care. “Everyone is aware that the actress was hired to say those lines, and is very much likely that she doesn’t even use that product at home. Those are the kind of advertising and publicity that do not work anymore, they have too little appeal with the public. Nowadays there’s still too many companies that do not understand what value proposal is and how important and efficient it is in the communication process and engaging the audience. This is different, though, than using a celebrity in order to attach your brand and/or service that would also be attached to that value proposal.” Milena refers to the set of very strong characteristics that are the value and qualities of a company – the one that actually sells, not necessarily the product/service. “For instance take companies like Apple, that sell an experience to its consummer by producing gadgets and computers that the so-called creatives will use and that will not only facilitate their daily routines but also estimulate them creatively. Thus, Apple has this value proposal of being a company which incentivates the think different  philosophy – the motto of one of their campaigns a few years ago, by the way”, she says.

In the end what companies like that are doing is showing the soul of the business – that, behind machines, gadgets, wires and cables there are thinking heads that worry and care about their audience, that take interest in them, and want, in some way, modify their lives for the better. “This is one of the basic principles of creating a good product/service”, says Sardoz, “and consequently of a good campaign. It’s how you identify a problem (which might exist in a company; in society or in a restrict group of people/professionals) and try to solve it.” In general some companies are used to creating hackthons (marathons on programming and collective creation aimed at solving problems in specific departments) to heal the pain, as they say.       

Those pains, by the way, are very common in a market that is not only expanding but a little some time ago was deprived of such solutions and completely lost. “Advertising and the interaction with it have been changing a lot”, says Milena, “because the public habits and the public itself await other alternatives and consume in a different way than that of 10, 20 years ago. Today people do not get excited or enchanted by a product/service simply because there is a beautiful actress from TV saying that they must buy it”, she continues. 

That’s why the importance of creating a well-made, well-thought and well-structured campaign. “It’s essential for the entrepreneur or businessman to think: what are my values? What are the principles that conduct my life philosophy and that I can migrate to my business? If there isn’t something behind, a soul, a very well conceived concept, hardly ever there will be any engagement, which is one of the most difficult things to get in the market nowadays. People consume on the internet today (which is true, studies show that in 2020 there were approximately 7,8 billion people in the world. Almost one fourth of them (26,28%) are online buyers) and seek relevant content, something that enchant them, a philosophy, that plus which makes their eyes pop in contentment. People need to fall in love for your brand and for your company, because they identified themselves with it, be it for a different detail, be it for the good  service, or simply because the company shows a behavior that makes them feel special.”   

Those are the so-called new businesses – companies and/or brands that not only have a sustainable and scalable business model (and therefore profitable, ready to receive investment), but also grow because they worry about this plus that goes beyond profit and money only. “Profit and money will be a consequence of this new business model”, continues Milena. “Your company needs to have your stamp, your soul, which are in reality your principles and values. That’s what will make it stand out, make it attractive to the consumers and eventual investors along the way, and also make it known and admired in the market.”

Sincronia Filmes have assembled a special video with the questions every entrepreneur must ask himself/herself – and also to say that both companies, Sincronia and Babaorum, are ready to help your business. Watch it and spread the word.

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