It’s a Slap!


“In the beginning of this 2021 we’ve decided to whip the house into shape”, jokes producer Janaina Zambotti, “and slap things a little bit, reworking, remastering and restoring some of our older titles, including the films”, completes she, who joined forces with writer/director Emanuel Mendes, the founder of Sincronia Filmes, after Mendes’s other partner and founder, Francisco Costabile, left the company in 2014. The works also have another important meaning for Sincronia: in August 2021 the production company will celebrate its 10th anniversary of activities in the business. “It’s no easy task to try to keep a company, even if it is a small one, let alone in this audiovisual area, which there’s a lot of competition”, she continues, “but hey, check it out, we’ve reached the ten years of existence, facing all the bad weather along the way and still surviving.” And if in 2020 perspectives looked as somber as ever, circumstances proved otherwise: “we had an amazing year, even despite the pandemic (of the COVID-19 virus, which obliged the whole world to a halt), we closed a deal with important companies – such as Fenabrave, making three works in a roll for this company which handles and takes care of the car sector in Brazil; besides the startup Baby Care, which earrings on babies and takes care of their mothers, helping them –, and, if we had to brake on some of the other works already going on, they not only will be taken back from now on but we also could rethink and reformulate many of them for the better”, says Zambotti.  

Part of the procedures of remastering, reworking and restoring will include working on the web-series The Criers, one of Sincronia’s first productions, released on the internet in 2012, besides advertising films, corporate and institutionals, and the older short films, like Assis & Aletéia (2002) and Amarar (2008).”But these last two were made using film, so they are more expensive and will need a lot of work – we shall look for financial resources in order to restore them”, states Janaina. For the others, in the other hand, Sincronia is slowly and carefully taking care of them all, working on color correction, contrast, inserting subtitles where once were none, among others. “We grabbed Betão (Alberto Ismael, senior editor and the QC director for Sincronia) and we are sorting through each of the films, videos and institutionals of the production company, seeing and checking each of their needs”, she says. The plan is, up until the end of 2021, at least, to have all the works done on digital (with the exception of the ones shot on film) absolutely new and pristine, with a fresh face. “We still don’t know what we’re gonna do with this material”, continues Zambotti, “we have many different plans on the medium and long terms, maybe upload some of them to our social media, the YouTube channel, and maybe even create our own (channel)”, she ends. In spite of everything Sincronia has been doing to become a completely autonomous and independent production company and distributor, the its-own-man-woman type of enterprise.    

Part of the reworks include the series “The Criers”, from 2012.