Director Joins the Musical Project of Elzo Henschell


Sincronia Filmes is happy to announce that Brazilian writer, director and producer Edu Felistoque – a veteran from the television, advertising and the movies, having worked for some of the biggest agencies and production companies in the country – embarks on the musical with Brazilian singer/songwriter Elzo Henschell as a general director and head director. Now in pre-production mode, having been approved in the PROAC/ICMS Law from the Culture Department of the São Paulo State Government, the project had been stalled in 2020 because of the pandemic (the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented it from continuing) and it was only picked up where it was left off in 2021, albeit with some substantial changes. “But changes which were for the best”, states producer Janaina Zambotti, one of the responsible for the production and creation of the show, which will engulf a series of other products and branches, including the appearance of a musical label from Elzo, a series for YouTube, and later on the creation of an independent radio station aimed at artists who are most of the times not seen, heard or talked about in traditional mainstream media. 

“The arrival of Edu is almost like planet alignment”, continues Janaina, joking. “Many factors have contributed for him to get closer and closer to us and so we could absorb him to the project. Starting by the fact that Edu had already had a professional contact with Elzo himself, when the duo made the musical documentary Seeking Buskers, which talk about street musicians from big cities, and which Elzo made a special appearance”, she says. Before that, nevertheless, the Sincronia team had discovered Elzo through the commercial that Banco Itaú made with the singer in 2016, when they took him to the Rock n’ Rio of that year. “Emanuel (Mendes, director and founder of Sincronia) watched the commercial in cinemas and became enchanted by Elzo’s talent”, explains Janaina. A little later they finally met each other in person, in the streets, when Henschell was still playing live on a Saturday afternoon, on Paulista Avenue, one of the most famous touristic points of São Paulo. It didn’t take long for Elzo to sign an exclusive agreement with the production company – with whom he has been making a partnership including a successful series of music videos for some of Elzo’s main singles, and now this musical project engulfing a documentary on a small tour the artist will do throughout cities in the state of São Paulo and shootings of new videos. The launching will culminate with a DVD (released through Sincronia’s distributor label), and a studio album which will be Elzo’s first entry into the professional musical realm.  

“But it isn’t only that”, explains Janaina. “Edu Felistoque already knew Emanuel from long ago, since it was Edu who gave Mendes his first breakthrough in São Paulo when Emanuel just got into town, coming from Ribeirão Preto fresh from college”, she says. “So when I said it was planet alignment there was some truth in this statement”, she says, smiling. 

Born in São Paulo, Edu Felistoque started out as a cameraman for Record TV, founded ZYD Produções, which later became Felistoque Filmes, and has directed television series like Bipolar, the already mentioned Seeking Buskers, besides the theatrical feature films Cano Serrado; 400 Against One; Inversão; Insubordinados; and most recently Amado. His arrival to the project adds up new breathing under all aspects. More news about the making of this project in the coming months.