Recording Voice Over Narration


And today, November 28th, 2017, was the day for recording the voice over narration for our documentary The Social Technology, which will be Sincronia’s first feature film – and should be in movie theaters by next year, on a yet-to-defined-date. The session took place at Argila Music, in São Paulo, with our faithful Rodrigo Bragança – who’s been a constant collaborator with Sincronia -, and the coordination done by our producer Janaina Zambotti. The voice over narration was done by Nathalie Siqueira, who is a guest in the movie.

Check out some of the photo shoot:


Nathalie Siqueira gets ready for recording, with a script written by the Sincronia team with some insights done by Nathalie herself.


Nathalie starts out.


Rodrigo Bragança in action.


Producer Janaina Zambotti with Nathalie.


Graduated in Design, this was the first work in Film for Nathalie Siqueira.


The team after the work was done.