Meet Aparecida das Neves, from Grupo Essence, and Her Course on Well-Being and Balance of Life

As a part of the first project for the advertising and marketing campaign for Grupo Essence – the company created by the Brazilian entrepreneur Maria Aparecida das Neves aiming at well-being, emotional health care and who also works with Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy –, it is our pleasure to present the institutional film divulging one of the pillars and main services of the brand: the courses that the entrepreneur offers talking about aromatherapy, flowers, the professionalizing courses, and emotional health overall. Having been elaborating the entire marketing strategy for the company (see this post) since the beginning of this 2022, both Sincronia’s internal agency, Babaorum Publicidade, and the production company itself decided to focus, on this first part of the way, on this corporate/institutional film seeking to highlight the topics offered in the course, and also for the target audience to get to know better the creator of the whole project – a lover of teaching, education, open-minded heads and quality entrepreneurship. 

“It’s not because it is an institutional film that we wouldn’t focus on the company’s value proposal”, states journalist Milena Sardoz, who is in advertising, and is one of the responsible for the creation and elaboration of the entire concept for Grupo Essence since the very first meetings. “We knew that Aparecida, by being more involved with the courses, for having this passion for teaching, would want to transmit the interest that can arise on her students on the topics, which are in reality what Grupo Essence sells: balance, and physical, mental and emotional well-being. We sought to highlight this on this first work for them”, she says.  

Directed by Alê Rodrigues, the institutional shows Aparecida talking in a very candid and relaxed way about the ideas and concept of the course, about her and the philosophy of her work. The aim is to awake new interested people in the course and in all the line of products and services offered by Grupo Essence – which also encompasses social work, nature and sustainability attached to the integrity of the brand, which has been in the market for 20 years now.  

Watch the result below.