We Never Forget Our First DVD

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As part of the process for the creation of a distribution label for Sincronia Filmes – which will be responsible both for the projects produced inside the production company as well as the acquisition of other films, series and third parties content –, it is our pleasure to announce the arrival of the first DVD launched by the brand: the one of the film The Social Technology, the documentary shot in South Africa in a co-production with that country and the United States. After being screened in movie theaters of the art house circuit (at Itaú Cinemas), last November 2018, also distributed by Sincronia, it is now the time for the home video market to get to know the work, and, of course, the product wrapped in it. “It wasn’t an easy process”, says producer Janaina Zambotti, “to put the movie on the big screen, much because of the fact that we are a small company, still relatively little known if compared to others, which have more firmly established partnerships and who have been in the market for a much longer time. But we’ve made it, and now, thanks to the incentive we’ve received with the international partnership for the film, we are having the chance to enter the home video market. We’re very happy.”

Being a part of this universe was a long desired wish by the production company. Besides everybody who work at Sincronia being inveterate cinephiles, many are fans of the physical media of the DVD and also the Blu-ray – even though this market seems to be apparently in crisis, with very low sales and an audience much more interested in streaming services or Video on Demand platforms such as Now, Netflix et al. “Yes, we already know about this conversation around”, continues Janaina, “but as the proverb would say, a crisis is also an opportunity, we took advantage to follow a line of thought which has to do with producing things for this market aimed at a specific and very faithful audience: collectors. It’s for them that we’ve made the DVD of Technology, and it is for them that we will launch our products in the near future”, she says. “For these people, who like to collect, who like to have the physical media at home and watch whenever and wherever they want, such a product is worth the value – especially in the way in which we are producing it.”         

That means that Sincronia Filmes has not only based itself on the best home video distribution companies in the world – from the American The Criterion Collection up to the French Carlotta DVD, the British Eureka Video and even on one very little known this side of the Atlantic, the South-Korean Plain Archive, which usually produces super-luxury editions –, but it has also inspired on them to start producing the supplemental material, the so-called extras, aimed exactly at this faithful public who like to watch the making of documentaries, listening to the audio commentaries, seeing the interviews with cast and crew, having analysis from scholars, among many other characteristics that enhance the experience of knowing the product – be it a film, a show, a series, or a special. “It is for these people that we are producing this work – and we have already been in negotiation with directors and producers to start distributing their work, which we can not reveal right now, besides our own work that we will produce”, says Janaina.

“Nevertheless, we also know it won’t be an easy task, for a lot of reasons”, continues the producer. “This is a very complicated market in Brazil, we can not base ourselves on outside examples, trying to imitate them or even wanting to produce with the same relevance and material. We do want to make our best in the conditions we have though.” What the producer means has to do with the making of the product itself. Continues her: “We’ve had such a big problem with the boxes, for instance. We wanted a different box – not the one that is a standard in the market –, because we also understand that each product will need a specific box, which would be its “body”, let’s say”, she states, “but because of the high costs of importing such materials we had to abandon this idea, at least for the time being.” But she also reaffirms the concern and the commitment from Sincronia in trying to offer the best for the consummer. “We know this is a very demanding public, with a keen eye to detail, which is good because we are the same (laughs). That’s why we are also very careful with the package design overall, with the information on it, in trying to create a visual identity that will not only be our unity, but that also shows all the care and attention we give to that product.”

That was one of the reasons Sincronia formed a partnership with the Design company Estúdio Nômada – based in the Santa Catarina state and which has the product designer Jake Meier as its main creator. Meier began the work in 2018 by designing the envelopes for the stationery department of the production company, and now his studio is the responsible for the overall layout and definition of the entire graphic project of Sincronia’s DVDs, and, in a near future, its Blu-rays. Prioritizing minimalism – a particularity of both companies –, elegance, and simplicity, the design for the cover art will follow a standard which will, once again, give the visual identity and all the necessary information for whomever acquires it. And not only that: all the graphics concerning the projects will also be in the hands of Estúdio Nômada – from the menus to the buttons accessing the pages, from the internal booklet (“all our editions, with no exception, will include an internal booklet or folder with texts, analysis, essays and technical info in general”, says Janaina) to the Warning pages and the specific boxes that each project eventually asks for – even the stickers identifying the product. “Everything will be so us!”, ends Janaina. The Social Technology DVD hits the stores dedicated to the format pretty soon.   

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