Partnership with the Cwist Group


In an agreement signed in the last days (last november 2015), Sincronia Filmes partners with the Cwist Group – the seniour entrepreneur group created by former businessman Wilson Nigri to provide mentorship and advising to small businesses and medium-sized companies. “It was a long dating”, jokes Debby Forman, Nigri’s wife, and one of the heads of the group – which, btw, is already forming a strong network of partners and other entrepreneurs attracted by the idea of a “spa in company”, which is their motto.

The news sets not only an agreement from Sincronia with the Cwist but also with other businessmen who, directly or indirectly, are connected to the group. “The initiative tries to bring benefits for both sides, so both can grow up together”, completes producer An Nakamura. We hope 2016 comes with a lot of work and good news to us.”