Modern Times


By itself the iPhone has proved to be a more than capable photography and videography camera. And just like with standalone cameras, when combined with the right accessories, you can enhance the quality of your photos and videos. For a lot of videographers in particular, a good camera cage marks the beginnings of a flexible video-taking rig. The same can hold true with the iPhone. When paired with an accessory like the BeastGrip Pro — a smartphone-centric camera rig and lens adapter system — you can bolt on additional accessories that allow you to do even more with endless creative possibilities.

To be clear, a camera rig isn’t a must-have for taking good videos. Having an eye for your subject and optimizing lighting and sound is still of the utmost importance. But having a rig and lens adapter system may help the professional (or amateur) heighten the skills that you’ve already acquired. That’s where the Beastgrip Pro comes into play. It’s a highly-configurable smartphone rig that allows you to use different types of lenses, accessories, and stabilizers with your iPhone or smartphone (which, by the way, have slowly and gradually transformed in the future of moving images – for both low budget productions as well as TV programs and reportages, and even feature films for the big screen). It’s the Modern Times, by Charlie Chaplin, really making itself noticed and giving the term its full meaning.

Heart of a Dog, by Laurie Anderson, was shot using smartphones and other small devices.

Renowned film directors – like the American Michel Gondry and the multimedia artist Laurie Anderson – have utilized the iPhone (and other smartphones) to do their work – and the device have been used more and more by a large number of audiovisual professionals who are very impressed by the versatility and the easiness they provide. Those are films for the cinema, musical videos, TV and internet news, documentaries, and many other medias (together with sophisticated apps nearing the cinematographic refinement), in a revolution as important as the one provided by the emergence of 16mm film cameras, much lighter and easy to operate.

Flexibility, adjustment, easiness, lightning – the advantages of using camera rigs are enormous for the modern audiovisual production, including a very important element taken for granted by a lot of filmmakers and professionals alike: camera movement. And we’re not talking about a singular movement, but the one which is fluid, which helps telling the story: the examples come from the early silent movies up until the most innovative modern film techniques – the Steadicam, the Movi, and others. 

To have a better idea of how the BeastGrip works – and its advantages – we’ve selected a video done by the expert Jeff Benjamin, from 9to5Mac – where he tells about the technical specs of the rig. Enjoy: