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Poetry in the Streets

“Nobody imposes on what the streets say.” Someone passing by, and who pays a little bit more attention than usual, will certainly face this message glued in front of the Caixa Belas Artes movie theater, in São Paulo, next to one of the most lively avenues of the Latin America metropolis. The phrase is also(…) Leia mais

Branded Content: A Hyperconnected and Participative Culture

Just like the famous sentence which defined the brand Neston, from Nestlé, “there are a thousand ways to prepare Neston”, the so-called Branded Content also has a series of definitions which come from various sources since the concept was introduced a few years ago – but rigourosly it can be thought of as the fusion(…) Leia mais

Ideas: Have You Got Yours Today?

It might be an incredible experience to build up your own business. “Adrenaline levels soars up to 100% and it seems you’re not only your own person but you can conquer the world, too. A friend of mine summoned it up the other day: it’s like being in love”, says Pedro Waengertner, from Aceleratech (a(…) Leia mais

The Faces of Lee Jeffries

In 2008 accountant and photographer Lee Jeffries was in London to run in a marathon. A couple of hours before the competition Jeffries decided to stroll around the city to take pictures. Close to Leicester Square, he turned his 5D camera with a 70-200 lens towards a homeless young woman, tucked in a bag around(…) Leia mais

Entr’ Actes: Mirrah Iañez’s Research

Those who work with creativity – no matter which area of human knowledge it is oriented to – know how much difficult the process can be in order to get to the final result. Many are the factors for this to happen. In the case of the cinema this is something that can take months,(…) Leia mais

The Dynamic Duo of Movies and Comics

If the first official – and successful – adaptation of a comic book made into film, Superman (1978), had no idea of the enormous possibilities the two medias had to talk to each other is mostly because Hollywood didn’t take this conversation for granted. After all, it took one more entire decade for another comic(…) Leia mais

Stan Brackhage: The Light of Human Being

Colors, shapes, textures, and layouts: the visual work of a film director like Stan Brackhage – who, together with Maya Deren, “created” the avant garde cinema in the USA – is what has been stimulating us lately. Brackhage, who was born in Missouri in 1933, reached the full potential of visual arts by incorporating a(…) Leia mais